Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday 5 April 2014

I am thinking of putting back up. I spent 5 month in hospital last year. A year or so back, I walked into friends gallery and looked into the mirror. My friend called the ambulance...... oh to dream.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Jessops Photo Closes

Jessops Photo Leeds ClosesPicture of Jessops Photo store Leeds.

Today across the country the long established photo retailer Jessops closed its doors and ceased trading.

A company founded back in 1935 by Frank Jessops the company expanded in the 1980's to 50 stores. In 1996 the founders son Alan sold up to a management buyout, it was later sold to a private equity group.

Latterly the company floated on the stock exchange and eventually there were more than 250 stores. More recently the stores numbers fell to the point that as of today all 187 Jessops stores were closed this afternoon by the administrators. With the store closure all 1,370 Jessops store employees have today been made redundant.

I personally think this that this is a very sad day for these employees who have today lost their jobs. But more than that it is also a sad day for photography here in the UK.

Jessops was I know a hands on store, the staff being at least the ones I met keen photographers. A camera was not a electrical item in a box, not to be opened until it was delivered to your door. Perhaps Amazon may have been cheaper, but try getting some personal hands on advice on their website.

This closure marks the end of any specialised photographic chain of any size here in the UK. Prior to this another chain Jacobs photo went to the wall last summer. I know that some people that were employed by Jacobs until 7 months ago were no doubt relieved to find work at Jessops.  These employees and lets not forget photographers will have had a cruel blow today.

Old Pub in Richmond Hill

Old Pub LeedsPicture of former pub in Richmond Hill, Leeds. This pub the Fisherman's Hut public house looks to have been closed for some years. It was a dank and damp day when I passed it a few days back. I may be wrong but I think there has only been one day with no rain since the new year started. It has already rained a little first thing this morning. This was one of the reasons I posted some nice summer picture over the last few days. This pub is a short walk down from the Grade I listed church of St Saviour. There is another Anglican church St Hilda nearby which I will post about on another date. I attended a musical event at St Hilda last year and I took some photos of the stained glass windows therein. On the tiles above the corner of the pub building is the date 1929, so I guess that was when it was built. The only thing I know about this rather dilapidated former pub is that it was a Tetley's public house. This old pub is on the corner of Ellerby Lane and Cross Green Lane. It lies just across from the big newish Echo Central flats. I have only visited this area a few times and have not quite worked out where Richmond Hill starts and Cross Green finishes. one thing of note shortly after walking away from the pub I noticed a red kite flying high perhaps 50 yards ahead. I watched it for a few minuted till it flew off into the distance. I have seen these beautiful birds elsewhere around Leeds before but never this close to the city centre.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wildflower Meadow Wensleydale

Wildflowers Meadow WensleydalePicture of Wildflower Meadow in Wensleydale, N Yorkshire.

Continuing my short season of posts with a Summer theme here is a picture from Wensleydale in N Yorkshire.

I had been driving around after visiting Bolton Castle, a 14th-century castle in Wensleydale two Summers ago when I passed a small meadow brimming with wildflowers.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

City Square in Summer

City Square LeedsPicture of Old Post Office in City Square, Leeds.

I have always liked this old building and look back fondly to the days when it was the city Post Office.

Today the building has been converted into a restaurant on the ground floor and apartments upstairs.  I well recall entering the spacious lobby of the post office and waiting in a generally short queue to be served.

Today there are two other post offices in Leeds city centre and I really try to avoid visiting them for anything.  The management have taken a really great British company and with the help of the government over the last few years turned it into something very different.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Leeds Wildflowers

Leeds WildflowersPicture of wildflowers in Holbeck, Leeds.

Here is another Sunny Leeds picture from over the past year or so that was taken in the Summer.

This is a picture of some derelict or waste ground in Holbeck just an easy walk from the Leeds train station. This area would have been a hive of activity when Leeds was a city of industry and we made things.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunny Scarecrow

Sunny Scarecrow LeedsPicture of scarecrow on allotment in Leeds.

Following my short theme of sunny pictures here is another photo that I took last summer.

This is perhaps the least scary scarecrow that I have ever seen. I saw this scarcrow on some allotments in Calverley, Leeds. Whilst the scarecrow may not be scary it certainly fits in with sunny.
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