Monday, 5 January 2009

Clock Tower Shipley - Whats O'clock?

Clock Tower Shipley

I was looking out for a subject to photograph, saw the clock around 1510 and thought OK.  Later whilst creating this post I looked clock tower up on web and found this, which I today find bizarre `Come and see our 1960's clock tower' an article in local newspaper.


  1. Lovely clock

    I hate to quibble at this early stage - please don't take this the wrong way - I'm wondering if this shouldn't be called Bradford DP or if you are planning to cover Leeds later, at least Leeds & Bradford DP -- I'm sure a lot of Bradfordians wouldn't like to be thought of as part of Leeds.

  2. Well originally it was going to be Yorkshire, however I then discovered the whole city daily photo thing. I am real novice, first blog, so then when I discovered Citydailyphoto, I submitted and was rejected as too wide. I then pointed out I do not live in a city, Eric poited out the rules, but that they were flexible about area covered. The first few photos are from around where my mates live. Leeds was really only compromise, that said I most likely will be working there shortly, have been in today and took some photos for blog.

  3. This clock tower is interesting because it is different. Does it make any sound when it strikes the hour?

  4. Hi Paul - indeed covering the whole of Yorkshire (even West Yorkshire) is too big an area for CDPB rules - it is up to you of course what you do. The CDPB will list you under Leeds anyway whatever the actual title - I guess it depends just how wide you'll be casting your net - "Leeds & Bradford" might be a better title for you - the two cities & Metro Boroughs do at least share Yeadon airport under the joint names - in that respect they are like Minneapolis & St Paul - there are blogs covering each of those cities and two or perhaps three that cover them as the "Twin Cities" (just noticed I'm signed in as "Ackworth born" rather than "Hyde DP" - same person, different blogger ID) - you might think you need to cover a larger area to get enough photos but as a lot of bloggers from smaller places have found out, that isn't the case if you get hooked. When I started I thought perhaps I should be Manchester DP (as that is the "city") rather than just Hyde but I'm not running out of material yet.


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