Thursday, 8 January 2009

Goodbye Woolies - Shipley

Woolies Shipley

Goodbye Woolies, the shop that has been with me all my life, not the above one you understand I have moved and lived all over the UK but the the retail chain. When the English branch of the Pennsylvania company was founded in Liverpool in 1909 Frank Woolworth wrote in his diary "I believe that a good penny and sixpence store, run by a live Yankee, would be a sensation here." He was right and by the start of WW1 there were 40 stores in England and Ireland.

As a child I often would go and spend time with money in my pocket looking at toys in Woolies. Thinking now perhaps the last thing I will ever buy from the store is the cafetiere in my kitchen now, which I bought around 5 years ago and that was the problem. In recent years the shop had lost its way to other more forward looking retail outlets.

So yesterday when I took the photo above after the "everything must go" sale Woolworths is no more with 807 stores closed and around 27,000 employees losing their jobs and I for one was a little sad at the end of a little part of my life.


  1. Definitely a piece of history, this photo. Sad, I agree...

  2. This makes me so sad. They are long gone from here now. When I was a child I used to walk to Woolworth's from my house with my sister with my money and spend hours deciding what to buy. One time we came home with a little mouse in a cage and my mother got so upset she made us take it back! I really loved that store!


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