Sunday, 1 February 2009

National Media Museum - Bradford

National Media Museum Bradford Yorkshire

This is the National Media Museum, in the city centre of Bradford it used to be called The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television shortened to NMPFT. Now I guess it should be NMM, however if you Google that term you get National Maritime Museum, which is a very different animal housed at Greenwich, London. You cannot have two national institutions with the same acronym.

All of the above does not really matter this is a fine museum, housing as it does national collections of Photography, Cinematography, Television and New Media.

The National Media Museum also houses 2 fine cinema screens, Pictureville and the Cubby Broccoli the regularly screen the best contemporary and classic films, and frequently welcome guests from the cinema industry to talk about their work.

Lastly but not least The National Media Museum also houses an IMAX cinema which when it opened in 1983 was the very first IMAX cinema in Europe. IMAX films are like no other, IMAX (short for Image MAXimum) is a film format by which 70mm film is run sideways through the camera.


  1. I remember going to the Imax for the first time and seeing the film called "To Fly" which was great - you felt like you were falling into the screen from above. Last time I went it was to see a 3D dinosaur film with the kids. It was fun watching them holiding out their hands and trying to touch the dinosaurs. The scale of it, and the 3D combined really does make it look real.

  2. This looks like a museum I would really enjoy!


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