Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Trees in Snow - Lister Park, Bradford

Trees in Snow Lister Park Bradford

Today like nearly everybody in England I looked out of the window yesterday morning and thought "Wow, Snow!" Now for thos of you reading this in somewhere where you get quite a bit of snow you have to know that here in England when there is around a few inches of snow everything comes to a grinding stop. So it did. England has not had this much snow in years, around where I live there must 4-6 inches.

Not all bad news though, I did get out and take some photos of the snow whilst it was still really white and pristine which I really like.

These trees are in the heart of Lister Park, Bradford you can see the lake on the right of the photo.

The park was almost deserted, normally you would expect to see quite a few people on their way to work, college or just walking around the park. Today I saw in total 9 people, mostly moms with a child checking out perhaps the first real snow they had ever encountered.


  1. Pristine snow, how lovely. Were you out quite early when you took this? Apart from the faint outline of a crane at the top right it could be out in the country it's so tranquil.
    We've been watching on TV as England grinds to a halt ;-). To be fair, there has been rather a lot south of London. Here the ski slopes are hoping for a much-needed dump of snow that'll see them through to Easter.

  2. It's a bit embarrassing don't you think, the way we panic at our snow?! I love it. I didn't get that much though :( more forecast though :)

  3. My youngest son, who's 9, declared that this was the most snow he'd ever seen. We had about 3 inches here in York. Everyone always says here that it used to snow a lot more, more often. I don't know if that's right, or if it's just a perception people have. As a child I do seem to remember it snowing more though!

    Wow - Lister Park looks lovely and fresh in the snow - like someone gave it a lick of paint to cheer it up :-D

  4. Wow, I didn't know there was such a beautiful park in Bradford! I only like snow in the mountains or when I'm on holiday anyway. Gorgeous sunshine here in York today. That's better. Ciao. Antonella

  5. Your snowfall was all over our national news shows yesterday! It's really beautiful!

  6. It is incredible how unprepared the UK is each winter for a normal event.
    We stlil have just drear rain. Evnious

  7. Lister Park looks excellent today, and is well worth a visit, snow or not.

  8. How cold it is!!!!
    Giovanni from romedailyphoto


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