Sunday, 1 March 2009

Haworth Churchyard Headstone of Denby Family

Haworth Headstone

When I visted Haworth churchyard I noticed this headstone adjacent to the path. Just another stone till I read a bit...

In memory of Sally daughter of Isaac and Ellin Denby of Hillhouse who died Nov 1st 1807 aged 4 years

Also in memory of John their son who died Feb 13th 1811 in the 2nd year of his age.

Also John their son who died in his infancy 1812.

Also Jonas their son who died Feb 13th 1816 in the 3rd year of his age.

Also of the above named Isaac Denby who died March 6th 1861 in the 87th year of his age.

To think some people today think life is hard!


  1. It is something isn't it, reading the life of some person of long a go and the agony he and his wife must have felt due to the death of all these children they have got.

    I saw ones a programme on tv about child death in Africa. An old lady said that she had a lot of here children die pre-maturely. She said that every time she died a little bit with them.. I never forgot that remark.....

  2. I can't even imagine losing one child! It is a sad reminder of the struggles of those who went before us.

  3. How sad it that? My Grandmother lived to be 101 and she always talked about the child she lost to influenza at age 3. I only have one child and can't even think about....feeling very blessed indeed.

  4. It's sad when children don't get to experience a bit of life.

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  5. This was very interesting and sad, but it helps us remember those we are close to and to celebrate each day


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