Saturday, 28 March 2009

Walking Around Temple Newsam Estate, Leeds, Yorkshire

Trees Avenue Temple Newsam Leeds

The photo above shows a fine avenue of trees on the Temple Newsam estate, Leeds.

The Temple Newsam estate is around 6 miles from Leeds city centre and once there you can walk, jog or run around the miles of paths around the estate. There are woodland walks where you can see quite a bit of the local wildlife including foxes, roe deer, hares, rabbits and squirrels to name just a few.

There are 4 varieties of bat on the estate... therefore you can see almost a quarter of the UK's 17 resident species of bat here not far from Leeds city centre. I have often lived in big old buildings with large mature trees nearby, it is funny when you discuss the local bats with neighbours and they say they have never seen them. Like photography for the Leeds daily photo, you mostly see things by really looking and not just giving life a quick glance.

The four species of bats that are resident on the Temple Newsam estate, Leeds are..

Pipistrelle These small bats fly around large trees being quick and highly manovrable.

Brown Long–eared These are the stealth planes of the bat world. They have large ears, which they use to creep up on unsuspecting insects, picking their prey off leaves before they have chance to flee.

Noctule The swift of the bat world. This bat flies high above the treetops, in long straight lines.

Daubenton or Pond Bat.

I will try over the summer to try take a photo of a bat for the Leeds photo daily.


  1. Thanks for the batty post! Really! And it's good to be reminded to stop and look rather than pass by with a glance. Have a nice weekend, o wise one!

  2. BTW, I really like bats so your information is quite interesting. I have signed up as a follower so I look forward to more great photos and information.

  3. I have never been to the Estate. It was held in my mothers family the Ingrams for over 300 years. Looks lovely. Thanks so much for taking the photo so enjoyed looking at them.


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