Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bess Border Collie - Leeds

Bess Busking Leeds

This photo above shows Bess, a border collie in Briggate, Leeds. Bess and her owner were busking in Leeds city centre.

Busker Leeds

This chap is a one man band, very popular with smaller children and their mums. Bess is a patient lovely dog who sometimes joins in. Border collies are the dog most likely to be used by farmers here in Yorkshire when working with sheep, so this breed is sometimes called sheep dogs.


  1. Looks like he has a lot of equipment! Looks like Bess is singing!

  2. How absolutely adorable! I love how Bess has her own chair. These two would probably be my favorite too!

  3. I love Bess!!! She is adorable, Paul.

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  4. We have border collies as sheep dogs in New Zealand. They are very intelligent and like to be kept busy (or they get into lots of mischief!).

  5. Thanks for this picture - It really made my day! I love walking through Leeds and seeing Bess.

  6. I Like These Kind Of People Who Really Enjoy On Their Own And Make Others Happpy !! Thanks For Sharing Such Wonderful Things With Us !!!


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