Sunday, 26 July 2009

1 Yorks Homecoming Parade through the City of Leeds

1 Yorks Homecoming Parade City of Leeds

1st Battalion's Homecoming Parade through the City of Leeds on Friday 24 Jul 2009 exercising their right as Freemen of the City as they march with bayonets fixed, following the band of the King's Division.

In the photograph above are soldiers from B company of 1st Battalion of The Yorkshire Regiment dressed in temperate uniform from their recent tour of duty in Kosovo. In the background of the picture is the Leeds town hall.

Yorkshire Regiment Leeds Civic Hall

The soldiers in the picture above are marching past the Civic Hall leeds in Millenium Square. This company of soldiers from 1 Yorks is wearing desert uniform used in their recent tour of duty in Iraq.

My good friend Bridget came over to Yorkshire from Saint Paul, MN this last week. I spent a week showing my home county of Yorkshire to Bridget, so I got to play at being a tourist here. I will post pictures of our week and the towns, villages and people we saw over the coming days here on my Yorkshire photography blog


  1. These are very nice photographs. I am glad the men got home OK.
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  2. This is just superb photography! You've caught the energy and movement of the soldiers perfectly!

  3. Wow! Your Leeds is WAY more fancy than my Leeds. What beautiful buildings! And I agree with Jacob, you definitely did an expert job of capturing the energy and movement of the soldiers. - I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful city of Leeds through your eyes. We will compare it with my humble town. LOL!


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