Saturday, 1 August 2009

Traffic Jam in the Yorkshire Dales

Sheep traffic Jam Yorkshire dalesPicture of border collie driving sheep along a country lane in Yorkshire.

Today the 1st of August is Yorkshire Day founded to promote the historic English county of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Day, a day to celebrate everything Yorkshire, will be celebrated around the county.

One thing I do like about living here in Yorkshire, you know where you stand. Yorkshire folk have a reputation for being blunt and speaking their mind, so some Yorkshire men would call a spade a bloody shovel!

In my small way I do my bit to promote Yorkshire with the photograph above showing a minor traffic jam in the Yorkshire dales. This scene I came across whilst driving in Wensleydale within the Yorkshire Dales National Park. I was driving on a minor road to Bolton Castle.

I came upon the farmer and his sheepdog driving the sheep along the road ahead of me and thought "camera, action". So I parked up and ran up the lane following the sheep. The dog was keeping the sheep at a steady pace and it took me a while to catch up to them. I had a chat with the farmer and it turns out he was taking them back after being clipped (sheared). I said you have missed some to which he replied that they were this years and they did not clip them.

His dog is a fine border collie called Jess. Jess zig zagged across the lane behind the sheep driving them forward looking constantly for further instructions.

In the background of the photo you can see Bolton castle in the distance. I will post about Bolton Castle and the adjacent small village called Castle Bolton tomorrow.


  1. Nice scene, and a familiar sight. I sometimes meet Karin (I have a few portraits of her), when she is moving the sheep to and from the pasture.

  2. They look to be going at quite a rate! This is one of the wonderful sights in the English countryside, I always think, stumbling across a flock of sheep being driven. For a moment I am a child again, excited and wondering. Thank you for causing me to smile on a wet Saturday morning.

  3. That's my kind of traffic jam!

  4. Certainly wasn't taken any time THIS summer as there is blue sky !!!!

  5. I really enjoyed your post and photo. Thank you!


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