Thursday, 17 September 2009

School Board Building - Calverley Street, Leeds

Leeds School Board Building

The photo above shows a view of the front of the historic building that was built to house the Leeds city school board.

This building was designed by the Scots born architect George Corson.  In the image above the building to the right of the School Board building is the building also by Corson that now houses the Leeds Central Library.

Blue Plaque School Board Building Leeds

There is a blue plaque by Leeds Civic Trust by the entrance to the former School Board building now listed as Grade II.

The Blue Plaque reads:

Leeds School Board

erected this fine headquarters and examination centre in 1878 - 81. First elected by the ratepayers of Leeds in 1870. the board built sufficient schools to ensure that for the first time every child in Leeds received an elementary education.

Architect George Corson

When I started this blog I thought that I would struggle to get enough photographs that had some kind of interest in them to merit me posting about them. I had quite underestimated then sheer number of buildings, statues, churches, businesses both large and small and of course the Yorkshire people going about their daily life.

Of course there is also the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire, both just outside Leeds and also a little further afield.

I want to feature places around Leeds that people as visitors to Leeds and also the locals might like to visit perhaps for a few hours or maybe a few days. I have already started to do this with my few pages about the small North Yorkshire city of Ripon.

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