Sunday, 11 October 2009

Adel, Leeds - Church Door Knocker

I visited Adel, North Leeds a few weeks ago and visited the old church which has stood here since Norman times.

Adel today is a suburb of Leeds but is a village named in the Domesday book of 1086, the selling then was Adele. There has been a church here since Saxon times, the current one of St John the Baptist, Adel parish church was built 1150-1170.

I have long been interested in old buildings and here in England the best old buildings that you can access easily are churches. England has many early churches that are nearly 1,000 years old. There are fewer here in Yorkshire than where I lived as a young man. Many years ago I read about the door knocker on Adel church. Indeed I have a book that features it on the cover. So I was pleased to see this famous door knocker up close and photograph it.

The Adel church knocker is actually a 13th century sanctuary ring cast in bronze with a mans head emerging from the mouth of a lion. Just after I had taken the photo above a local man passing by said it was a pity the original was stolen around 5 years back but this was a good replica. Oh no, this work of art was around 800 years old and was part of our nations heritage. Now dont get me wrong but I can understand people robbing banks, thats where the money is and it is only money. This is a crime against all of us, churchgoers or not, people sometimes talk of things being beyond value and I think that this bronze artefact is one of those.

There is still a reward offered and it would be nice to think that one day it may be found.

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