Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Leeds Bin Strike Over 11 Weeks On

Bin Strike Leeds

I took this photo weeks back in Armley, Leeds at the rear of an apartment block.

The bin worker strike in Leeds is over at long last after 11 weeks and although in Leeds city centre you could be excused for not noticing the effects you can see in the picture above that this was not the case in other parts of the city.

I was interested in the apartment building, previously it had been a local school and was adjacent to Charlie Cake park in Armley. So having my camera after the Make, Bake and Grow fete in the park I wandered over to the former school to get a closer look. Until I saw this scene of rubbish I did not think that the strike was too bad, I soon revised that wrong opinion.


  1. I'm sure the smell was not too pleasant either!

  2. Golly that's quite a bit of waste - and smelly too, I bet!

  3. jeez, i can only see rats in my mind. Awful!


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