Monday, 18 January 2010

Not The Subject - River Aire Leeds

Leeds Canal Kids

This photo shows a small section of a cityscape photograph that I took on the Leeds city waterfront a few weeks ago. I am always surprised at the differing reactions I get when I produce my pro DSLR camera in public. Basically there are I think only 3 different reactions..

1 Try to not be in the picture.
2 Pretend it is not happening, ignore it and it will go away.
3 Me, Me, Me, please can I be in the photo.

I was quite a long way off from these young people who were on the edge of the photograph and this young man noticed what I was doing and opted for option 3.

Having now looked again at the original and the crop shown above I now notice that these young people at least the 2 at the front are I think stood on the frozen water of what was once a dock and is now a water feature. The original photograph of this city waterfront along the river Aire in Leeds can be seen here.

I never take anyones picture other than perhaps as a figure in a street scene without first asking.


  1. This is a fun shot! It's true about peoples reaction when they see a photographer. Kids are usually the best about hamming it up! My husband does alot of night shooting in Austin, and he says it's amazing the people that you meet if you turn your hat backwards and use a tripod! Kathy

  2. This looks like a scene out of Oliver Twist!!!! Charles Dickens for sure! Lovely!



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