Monday, 4 January 2010

Rail Fare Increase - Leeds

Rail Ticket Office Leeds Station

This is a picture of the ticket office at Leeds train station taken yesterday.

I traveled into Leeds city centre yesterday for the first time since the rail fare increases on 2nd Jan and was surprised to discover that my journey from Saltaire to Leeds return, had increased by 13.33%.

This when the calculation used by the train operators on regulated fares is inflation plus 1%, based on last Julys inflation that adds up to -1.4%.

Yes of course my journey is not regulated therefore the operator can impose any increase they like. OK maybe it is not that simple but it is still an increase of slightly over 13%.

Yes, you might have already guessed we have here in the UK the most expensive railway in Europe. It can work out cheaper to fly around the UK.

I well recall being on the Eurostar to Paris not long after it opened for service and the guard announcing the speed after we emerged after the chunnel, I was impressed and still am. In France they have the TGV whilst here in the UK we can travel on the whole at speeds similar to those of the post war rail network. Will this 13% mean my journey will be faster or that I will have more chance of a seat?

No is the simple answer.

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  1. Too bad about the increasing cost. Where I live, if you are lucky, you can ride the commuter for free. There's no way to buy a ticket in Tungelsta, at the station, so you have to have one with you. Most of the times no one will stop you, and I can't remember the last time I had to use my pre-bought ticket.


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