Friday, 26 February 2010

Dark Arches - Light and Sound Installation

Dark Arches Leeds

This picture shows a view of the dark arches underneath the railway station, Leeds. Anyone who has walked along the road towards Granary Wharf or perhaps Bridgewater Place over the last few months will have noticed the odd noises and lighting.

I have just looked through some photographs I took a few weeks back and given this one some thought and looked around the web for some info. Turns out that this is a sound and light installation by Hans Peter Kuhn. There are directional speakers built behind the new aluminium panels along the wall and lights too. I watched the beginnings of the installation of these and it never occured to me that it might be public art. Then when it was nearly finished I realised what it was.

So if you should travel along Neville Street and through the tunnel you will notice this light and sound installation and see it for what it is.


  1. These sound and light artists are very talented. It is an emerging art. We saw one at the Tate Modern in London while visiting, by composed David Pickvance.
    All this set aside, this is a great photo.

  2. If you'd seen what the lighting could actually do in regards to the 'movement' it can perform you'd be amazed. When it was being tested they were piping dance music with the lights and I swear you could close both ends of the tunnel off and have a music/light show akin to having an open air nightclub or the like.
    Just a shame that the artist decided he only wanted the lights to show 'scattered' lines which only change once every 24 hours accompanied by weird banging and clattering sounds.
    Each to their own but talk about a missed opportunity to really wow the passing public.

    How do I know all this? ....I had a major part in the final detailing/fabrication of every part of this piece of art including making sure that every single perforated aluminium panel that made up this wonderfull structure, along with it's overall 100's of 1000's of open slots, holes and fixing points, were in the correct place. No small task I tell That's my claim to fame because not one hole was in the wrong place which was vital to achieve the perception of movement on one side of the tunnel when you walk/drive through it. ;)

    I have to say I was very proud of everyone who had a part in it when it was opened. A great looking structure however you care to describe it ;)


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