Saturday, 6 February 2010

Powerbocking Outside City Art Gallery

Powerbocking Leeds Art GalleryPowerbocking Leeds Art Gallery" title="Picture of Powerbocking in front of Leeds Art Gallery.

This photo shows Peter powerbocking above the pavement outside Leeds city art gallery.

It was a cold and cloudy day here in Leeds and I was headed to the Art Gallery to spend some time warming up and seeing any new exhibition that might be on when I saw some young men powerbocking outside. I only knew what powerbocking was because I had met three of these bockers before. Peter and Simeon I had met at the Saltaire festival last summer where they and a small group of friends where doing a display in the road outside the Victoria hall.

Peter seen in this photo is very good and can easily do somersaults whilst wearing his springs. In the background of the photo is the Leeds city art gallery and outside is a Henry Moore statue of reclining woman.


  1. Wow. You really nailed this one. Perfect timing. Peter surely knows what he is doing!

  2. That is a great picture. Its a cool pose, but I'm surprised he hasn't fallen on his face!


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