Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Seat at Seacroft Hospital

Seat Seacroft Hospital

Whilst strolling around the grounds of Seacroft hospital last week I came across this seat by the boundary wall.

There is most likely an architectural name for the stone feature surrounding this seat but it escapes me. Built onto the wall at the back of the seat is the coat of arms for the city of Leeds.

This coat of arms is similar to the current one described as: Shield: azure, a fleece or, on a chief sable three mullets argent; Crest: on a wreath or and azure, an owl proper; Supporters: an owl proper ducally crowned or; Motto: "Pro Rege et Lege". The difference on this older version, there is no helmet between the shield and the little owl above it. The motto is latin "For King and the law". Its motto is similar to the original used by the Australian capital of Canberra which was granted its arms in 1928.


  1. Are you going to submit this to the Leeds Owl Trail?

  2. The bench looks kind of sad. Perhaps a few flowers or some vine around it would help.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again. How's your week so far?

  3. Hello Joy. Good to see you active on CDP, again.
    Yes, sadly you are right this does look rather neglected. Things here in Yorkshire are fine, thanks.


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