Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Beer Heaven in Headingley

Bottles Beer Ritz LeedsPicture of Bottles of beer at Beer Ritz Leeds

I do not know much about beer, I am more of a cider drinker and no not Frosty Jacks. One thing I do know I cannot imagine that there is a better stocked specialty beer off license here in Yorkshire than Beer-Ritz in Headingley.

I was walking around close to the Cottage Road cinema when I discovered Beer-Ritz, tucked away down a side street. I knew from the window display that this was a shop where substance is far more important than style.

Beer-Ritz is run by people who take their beer seriously and they stock more beers than I have ever seen in one place. That most likely applies to their ciders too. They have bottled beers from all over the world, so if you want Porter, Pale Ale or something from Finland this is the place for you.

Beer Ritz HeadingleyPicture of Beer Ritz Headingley

Beer-Ritz is at:
14 Weetwood Lane
Leeds, West Yorkshire
0113 275 3464


  1. Love the labels on the Odell beers! I think I need some Cutthroat Porter!

  2. These photos are making me thirsty.

  3. I would love to not only taste, but also to take a good look at the many artistic labels that are on these bottles.
    Love the window!:)

  4. Hi, I just found your blog via Adelaide and Beyond. I lived in Leeds for 10 years, and married there in 2004. Great to see your photos - keep them coming. Warm greetings from Wellington NZ


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