Sunday, 13 March 2011

Air Quality Monitoring Station - Leeds Centre

Air Quality Monitoring Station LeedsPicture of air quality monitoring station - Leeds centre.

This green metal container located just off Woodhouse Lane between Queens Square Court and the Woodhouse Lane Car Park is an air quality monitoring station.

There are 2 of these air quality monitoring stations, part of a national network of 132 run by DEFRA, here in Leeds. This station is part of the Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN) and it measures oxides of nitrogen (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO) and particles (PM10).

In the background of the photograph behind the air quality monitoring station can been seen part of the Woodhouse Lane car park.


  1. Interesting. Never seen such a container in my neck of the woods.

  2. I always wonder what these odd municipal bits and bobs are for. Now I know of one extra possibility!

  3. Fascinating post! When I lived near Heathrow Airport we had a noise monitoring 'thing' in our garden for about 6 months (nothing as big as this!). I think the conclusion of the study was - yes Heathrow is noisy.


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