Sunday, 20 March 2011

Frankenstein's Wedding Live in Leeds 2

Frankenstein's Wedding Live in Leeds ToastPicture of Frankenstein's Wedding Live in Leeds toast.

More pictures from last nights BBC event Frankenstein's Wedding Live in Leeds. The above picture of cast members on stage during the live performance here in Leeds at the medieval abbey at Kirkstall are from Left Jemima Rooper, Andrew Gower, Lacey Turner and Mark Williams.

Kirstall Abbey, famous for being painted by JMW Turner was for one night only a splendid backdrop to this live music and drama production, a re imagining of Mary Shelley's Gothic horror story Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus first published in 1818.

Frankenstein's Wedding Live Leeds LabPicture of Frankenstein's Wedding Live Leeds Laboratory.

Part of the story of Frankenstein's Wedding Live Leeds took place in the laboratory which was created as a see through box added on to the Abbey structure. In the above photo can be seen Victor Frankenstein in his lab, if you look closely you can see a BBC camera on the left.

Frankensteins Wedding Live DancerPicture of Frankensteins Wedding Live Dancer.

With a cast of hundreds and many dancers Frankensteins Wedding Live in Leeds contained several dance sequences. I think the dancer on the table on the stage in the above photo is a member of Leeds own Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Frankenstein's Wedding Live in Leeds MonsterPicture of Frankenstein's Wedding Live in Leeds Monster meets Elizabeth.

This above picture shows the monster, Victor Frankensteins creation played most sympathetically by Shakespearean actor David Harewood about to attack the new bride Elizabeth played in true Eastenders style by Lacey Turner formerly of that soap. I must admit I had to turn around and ask some girls in the audience behind the barrier who she was because I really do not watch any soaps.

Personally I thought Frankensteins Wedding Live in Leeds was a really good performance, especially as like most of the audience I knew the ending because this is such a famous story.

Something I have just noticed... BBC radio 4 is starting this new week 21st March with the only other novel that Mary Shelley finished "Mathilda" as the Book at Bedtime read by Emilia Fox, best known perhaps for her role in Silent Witness and I recall her first role as Georgiana sister of Mr Darcy in the famous BBC Pride and Prejudice.

There will be part 3 of this small series of photos including some more pictures of people in the audience here on the Leeds Daily Photo tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the tips on Fotomoto. I think I'm going to like it; what's there to lose? I never thought of the eCards as good promotional material. After reading your accounts, I think I'm going to reconsider. Thanks again.

    By the way, excellent photos of the performance.


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