Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Churchyard Flowers Wortley Leeds

Churchyard Flowers Wortley LeedsPicture of Churchyard Flowers Wortley Leeds.

I walked around a small churchyard in Wortley, Leeds today. I had walked past the Victorian church a couple of times years ago and thought I would take a look as I was nearby this afternoon.

The grass had been cut recently and there were quite a few daffodils growing in amongst the grass. This Anglican church is called St John the Evangelist, Wortley De Leeds.

There are a few interesting memorials in the graveyard, but more of that tomorrow.


  1. I like the effects of this photo! :-D

  2. Ohhhh!!! I like this verrry much!!! The composition, DOF, and the processing all work together beautifully!!!

  3. Oh! And thank you for visiting me over at MammothLakesDP!!! Glad you stopped by and commented!!! I enjoy your shots of Leeds and the surrounding area...I've not been to Leeds, but I've spent time in London and York...and of course visits here and there in the neighboring areas!!!

  4. I do like the photo, and daffs seem to be the only thing that I can keep growing in my garden!


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