Friday, 15 April 2011

Former Sheepscar Library Leeds

Former Sheepscar Library LeedsPicture of Former Sheepscar Library on Chapletown Road Leeds.

There is much talk of the closure of various public libraries both here in Leeds and also elsewhere across England as councils struggle to balance the books.

With this in mind my picture today is a building that was opened as the Sheepscar Branch Library in 1938 on the junction of Roundhay Road and Chapletown Road.

Today this building, having long since closed its doors as a library, is now home to the Leeds Office of the West Yorkshire Archive Service.

Whilst I have never been inside this building I have found them most helpful on the telephone, whilst I was and indeed am still looking for the burial records (showing plot details) for the churchyard of Saint Mark in Woodhouse here in Leeds. Amongst the various records held here are the ecclesiastical records of Ripon, much of Anglican Leeds and some of Bradford.

I am planning to visit the West Yorkshire Archives office in Leeds, moved to Sheepscar, in 1965. in the above building to hopefully do some research both about some of the churches here in Leeds but also to find out more about what it is they do.


  1. This building is huge and what a pity it has closed it's doors as a library. Unfortunately the same thing is happening here in Australia but my local library is still operating and has included a cafe, local history centre,ancestory help centre and toy library. It would be a real loss to the community if it closed it's doors.

  2. That brickwork is amazing; must have taken forever to build. The B&W treatment brings out the details very well; nice shot.

  3. hank you for this picture. I remember the library opening in the Thirties and it played a big part in my life but when did it close ?


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