Monday, 16 May 2011

Haworth 1940s Weekend - 2

Haworth Main Street 1940sPicture of Haworth Main Street during 1940s weekend 2011.

The above photo of Main St in the village of Haworth here in Yorkshire is another taken during this weekends 1940s event. I can see why people might like the idea of dressing up and playing someone that they are not. I have no idea who this smartly turned out chap in the commando uniform with the prized green beret and Combined Operations HQ formation badge, just underneath the commando shoulder title looks the part, but it is just a hobby. For anyone that likes details the RAF jeep is a 1943 model and it is in great shape.

As I walked around the village I was interest to not how many of the men were wearing the WW2 uniform of various units of the armed services of the USA, I can understand that even now after all these years the uniform looks more glamorous than the British equivalent. There were even some people rigged out as German officers and soldiers.

Haworth French Resistance 1940sPicture of Haworth 1940s weekend event with 2 members of the French Resistance posing for a photo.

The couple in the above photo were rigged out as members of the French resistance, someone else asked them to pose for a photograph so I just snapped them from where I was stood, rather than intrude.


  1. There's a similar weekend held in Pickering which I've been to, but the Haworth one looks like a bigger affair. Will have to visit sometime!

  2. I went to one of these weekends in Holt in Norfolk a couple of years ago - it was great fun!

  3. It looks like fun, Great photos!

  4. Hi, love your photos, there's something incredibly stylish about the 1940's. the clothes were so feminine.

  5. These are really interesting. In the USA, we have some Civil War re-enactors, who dress up like Union and Confederate army soldiers. This reminds me of a BBC drama (or at least the kind that the BBC exports to USA).

  6. Hi, love your photos. I always think the 1940's was such a stylish era, the women's clothes were very feminine.


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