Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Just Married

Just Married YorkshirePicture of just married couple in Yorkshire.

I first met this young couple on the evening that David proposed marriage to Amy at the City Inn hotel at Granary Wharf in Leeds.

By chance I was admiring a car that was parked near a church, it was I thought a wedding car and the driver told me he was just waiting for the service to finish and the newly married couple to be ready for him to whisk them away. When the happy couple appeared, I was very surprised, I had already met them once before for it was Amy and David, now husband and wife. They were happy to let me get a few photos for this blog before they left for their honeymoon.

I wish Amy and David a long and happy life together.


  1. That is a great coincidence. Congrats to the newlyweds!

  2. Lovely post Paul, they look like a great couple I wish them well too!!

  3. My guess is this will be the best wedding photo they have. (You are sending them a copy?) How could anyone want better? Most wedding photographs drive me up the wall with their boringness and over sentimentality. This is perfect. They will want to look at it when they are old.


  4. Congratulations to that handsome couple! Wishing them many years of wedded bliss!

  5. cute!
    thanks for the link to the old spice commercial, it was so funny!! can hardly believe this is a serious commercial though... :)

  6. Aww! What a beautiful photo of a beautiful couple!

  7. Have a happy long life together!
    A very nice photo!


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