Monday, 20 June 2011

Leeds Roller Dolls - Pulp Friction 2011 - 2

Royal Windsor RollergirlPicture of Florence Lightning Trail #222 Royal Windsor skater.

This weekend the Leeds Roller Dolls entertained the Royal Windsor Rollergirls on their first roller derby visit to Yorkshire.

One of the things I really like about flat track roller derby here in Yorkshire is that although there is a scoreboard and some teams win bouts it is I think more about a community spirit than in some other sports.

The above picture is one of the Royal Windsor Rollergirls, Florence Lightning Trail #222 who is an angel of mercy in her career but something else on skates.

I sometimes spend longer editing pictures of people, like the photograph shown here than I would if it was a photo of a building or a cat. One thing about any kind of portrait photography in general, I find I try to show the subject sympathetically. This is at least to me not an easy process being rather detached from the subject, by only encountering the majority of them when I am looking for subjects for the LDP.


  1. Thanks, Paul. You have a lovely blog. I have visited Leeds once and I liked it even though it was mid February.

  2. Now I'll think about this all day - not that the challenge is new. When we don't know much about our subject matter, does it matter that the meaning we give to it by our angle and editing may not reflect the real meaning of what we see? Perhaps the crucial thing is to know whether we are historians or artists. They may sometimes lead to the same result. Generally not. The answet to the question will have a massive impact on how we treat the same scenes.



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