Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Canal Bridge Granary Wharf

Canal Bridge Granary WharfPicture of canal bridge No 226 at Granary Wharf on the Leeds waterfront.

This photo is a view looking down the Leeds - Liverpool canal from the Whitehall side towards granary Wharf and Leeds city centre.

I love that the canal system here in the UK is still a working machine almost as it was when it was designed and built as a transport highway around 240 years ago. The bridge across the canal in this photo dates from 1770-77, it is bridge no 226 and the lock in the foreground is office lock, this is because the stone building at the right hand side of the bridge is the Former Canal Company office building which dates from around 1816. Both the bridge and the company office are now listed building both listed as Grade II.

On the left in the photo is Candle House then the Mint Hotel both on Granary Wharf. The lower building behind the girl jogger is Watermans Place.

Today this canal is now mostly used for leisure and the towpath used by joggers, walkers and people riding their bicycles.


  1. Very interesting and a nice shot too!

  2. Wonder what this scene would have looked like in 1700 Paul, would probably have been a hive of activity!

  3. Interesting juxtaposition of the old bridge and the modern building behind...


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