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Captain Samuel Walker

Captain Samuel Walker Memorial
Picture of memorial to Captain Samuel Walker of Leeds.

This memorial to a soldier of the peninsular war is unusual because oddly there is another memorial to him in another church here in Leeds. Captain Samuel Walker - 3rd Foot Guards - killed at Talavera - 28 July 1809 was the son of William Walker, of Leeds.

The 3rd Foot Guards is better known today as the Scots Guards and in 1809 the regiment made the journey to the Iberian Peninsula and in late July under Wellington they fought Napoleon and his army at a place called Talavera. The battle of Talavera (July 27–28 1809) was bloody and Samuel Walker was just one of many casualties.

The memorial on a wall inside Mill Hill Unitarian Chapel reads...

Sacred to the memory of Captain Samuel Walker of the 3rd Regiment of Guards who, after 13 years service with that Regiment, in IRELAND, HOLLAND, EGYPT, GERMANY, DENMARK & PORTUGAL fell in the battle of Talavera in SPAIN on the 28th of July 1809, aged 34 years.
He was the fourth son of William Walker Esqr of Killingbeck near Leeds and grandson of the late Revd. Thomas walker, many years pastor of this congregation.

Mill Hill chapel was rebuilt in 1848 so I suspect that they saved and moved this memorial to the new church.

Capt Samuel Walker has 3 memorials that I know of, the one above in mill Hill, Leeds also there is another one in Leeds Parish church, lastly he is named on the Guards Officers Memorial at the Royal Military Chapel, Wellington Barracks.

I took the photo in this way to use better lens and still get the detail I wanted in the picture. Normally I would have moved further back, but there is a wall there. Also the memorial is some way up the wall so using my wider angle lens would have caused some distortion. This way I got good definition of the plaque on the memorial with the loss of a bit of a cannon and some of a sword.

I am now past 1,000 posts on this blog but find this is the first post from Mill Hill Chapel in Leeds city centre. I had thought I had already done something from this interesting and historical chapel in the heart of Leeds. I will remedy that omission shortly.

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  1. It's an intriguing shot Paul and a very interesting story. Congratulations on your 1000th post, that is an amazing achievement.


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