Monday, 20 February 2012

Leeds Parish Church Recital

Leeds Parish Church Recitals
Picture of organ stops at Leeds parish church.

By chance last Friday lunchtime I caught an organ recital at Leeds Parish Church.

I had actually called into the church for a coffee in the cafe and discovered that every Friday luchtime there is a free recital (there is a retiring collection).

The Leeds parish Church lunchtime recital programme is here.


  1. It's wonderful when you can feel the sound of an organ through your feet. As a child, I used to be fascinated by the word 'diapason'.

  2. I like details and you have found a very interesting and unusual one to show us. Great image!

  3. Great post Paul, I just love reading the names on organs keys, Fourinture, Double Ophaceide, fab words, no idea what they mean (or sound like)!

  4. Music and food, a wonderful combination.

  5. How wonderful for you to show up at the exact time for a free recital! Don't you just love it when things happen that way? It is something that just makes one's day and it turns into even more of a treat when you can share your findings with others. - Love the words on the organ stops. They remind me of the choices that you have while playing on an electronic keyboard.


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