Monday, 5 March 2012

Mercy in Yeadon

Yeadon Convent
Picture of Sisters of Mercy at Yeadon, Leeds.

This building is set back in nice gardens on Cemetery Road, Yeadon between the Tarn and Yeadon cemetery.

What caught my eye was the odd name of the house "Mercy" and the statues in the garden.

No its not the rock band Sisters of Mercy, who I saw when they played when my then girlfriend took me to see Echo and the Bunnymen at York racecourse back in the late summer of 1984.

I think this is a convent of the religious order Sisters of Mercy.


  1. The think that caught my eye was the pattern of shadows on the lawn. There were quite a lot of Sisters of Mercy convents in Australia.

  2. Lovely long lawn- I wondered at first if Sisters of Mercy the band were involved too- weren't they from Leeds? I used to like the Liverpudlian Echo & his bunnymen...

  3. You will have to knock on their door one day.

  4. Hey I remember that concert, well I remember Spear of Destiny arriving on stage to the Match of the Day theme tune!
    Something very imposing about a large front garden, nicely framed picture.

  5. Wouldn't be related would it?

    Love what you do...



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