Thursday, 22 March 2012

Playground at Burley

Playground Burley Leeds
Picture of a small playground at Burley in Leeds

Just along from the church of St Matthias in Burley, Leeds and past the nearby houses there is a small playground of the kind that I enjoyed as a boy.

However the one here has seen better days, the swings had no chains or seats and there were chunks missing of the cushioned floor. I talked with a young man who grew up and still lived nearby and he played here as a child before it became neglected. He said it was such a pity that the many children that live here can no longer play safely on this little playground.

I think the reason for its decline is that local councils are much more health and safety conscious and there is a reasonable play area in the nearby Burley public park.

I will be posting about the church of St Matthias here in Burley in the next few days.


  1. Wouldn't lack of attention indicate a lack of concern for safety rather than for it? I wish I could turn up in the night, when no-one is there, and see how far I could get with this. (Probably three rungs and my arms would give out. If further than that - my nerve!)

  2. When I were a lass, we didn't have cushioned surfaces at all! Mind you we did break the odd bone here and there. I remember a bit of a campaign for safer playgrounds in the early 70s - we wrote about it in a contemporary alternative weekly - Leeds Other Paper, long defunct.


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