Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yeadon Church Daffodils

Churchyard Spring Flowers Yeadon
Picture of daffodils in the churchyard of St John at Yeadon".

These daffodils are in the churchyard of the church of St John the Evangelist in Yeadon.

I had until recently not realised this church existed, it is rather hidden behind some houses. On the day I dropped by I would have looked around the inside but like so many churches across England this church was locked.

I grew up in rural Oxfordshire and although quite a few churches there are locked and shut there is often a notice saying something like try the cottage opposite the war memorial for the key or access. This is also quite often the case in North Yorkshire but here in built up West Yorkshire it seems to me to be uncommon.

Because of this blog and a longstanding interest in churches and the art inside I get to visit quite a few churches around Leeds and further afield. Recently a vicar I spoke with on the phone suggested if I wanted to see the inside of his church I should drop by on a Sunday. I have no real problem with that but many churches do not hold a regular every Sunday service, his church has no info available online about services. I have visited the church more than 10 times in as many weeks and on every occasion it has been locked.

I perhaps visit between 1 to 4 churches most weeks so sticking to Sundays during daylight I would struggle. The need for daylight is that I often like to get photos of the stained glass windows. I have an ongoing project about the art and treasures that can be found in most churches. I should add that I have long discovered that you cannot judge a church from its exterior alone. Three churches in the last week alone have surprised me with the richness of the art to be found within their walls.


  1. Daffodils are my favorite spring flowers. I've been spotting some blooms around here in Durango too

  2. That's a sad commentary on chuches these days...the flowers are wonderful! And the church as the background is perfect!!!

  3. Locked churches are alas a sign of the times.

  4. Nice pic with impressive depth of field. Good luck on your quest to see inside

  5. This is a fantastic photo, and the perfect reminder of spring!


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