Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Majestic Blue Plaque

Majestic Cinema Blue Plaque LeedsPicture of blue plaque at the Majestic cinema building in Leeds city centre.

At the back end of last week the Leeds Civic Trust unveiled a blue plaque on the former Majestic cinema building in City Square Leeds.

Various people spoke about their attachment to and experience of the Majestic when it was formerly a cinema. This was a time when home entertainment most likely meant the family sat in the sitting room listening to the wireless, it being years before the advent of home video and DVD.

Personally I have never been inside this imposing Art Deco building which closed as a cinema in 1969, when the last film was The Good, The Bad and the Ugly a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western. After its life as Leeds grandest cinema the Majestic became a bingo hall.

The film South Pacific ran for 38 weeks back in 1958 and later the Sound of Music ran for 2 and a half years and in its first week 50,000 people saw it right here at the Majestic, incredible numbers.

The blue plaque reads..

The Majestic Cinema
Brought luxury and fantasy to everyday life when it opened in June 1922. Its fan shaped auditorium, complete with classical dome and Parthenon style frieze seated 2,800 cinema goers.
Music was added to the pleasures of film by the grand organ, the Majestic Symphony Orchestra and dinner dances in its sumptuous restaurant.
Architect Pascal J Stienlet

This Leeds Civic Trust blue plaque is number 136 and was only temporarily located in the entrance, it will at some time in the future be affixed to the building.

I was struggling with my Internet connection, else I would have posted this a couple of days back. Talktalk are great except when it goes wrong.


  1. I really enjoy seeing these blue plaques - seems to be something we don't do enough of in the States. Funny, I was readying a post of our (less majestic) movie house, then hesitated because it was so humble-looking, but seeing this inspired me to go ahead and post it!

  2. ...and I still don't know what they are going to do with the building now :-)

  3. It looks very 'cinema'ish' framed by the heavy curtains. Nice spot!


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