Tuesday, 8 January 2013

City Square in Summer

City Square LeedsPicture of Old Post Office in City Square, Leeds.

I have always liked this old building and look back fondly to the days when it was the city Post Office.

Today the building has been converted into a restaurant on the ground floor and apartments upstairs.  I well recall entering the spacious lobby of the post office and waiting in a generally short queue to be served.

Today there are two other post offices in Leeds city centre and I really try to avoid visiting them for anything.  The management have taken a really great British company and with the help of the government over the last few years turned it into something very different.


  1. It really is a beautiful old building, very elegant, and a great capture too! You are right though, such a shame about the Royal Mail, though from time to time they are still pretty terrific.

  2. Paul...What a wonderful old piece of architecture. The structure is so pretty. Your postal service surely cannot be any worse than ours. It is so inefficient. I go to a little country one where the one worker is so nice and there is never a queue. The perspective from which you took this picture is wonderful. Beautifully composed. genie

  3. The building is indeed beautiful, and I wouldn't mind having a flat in there :-)
    As for post offices; they used to be staffed by civil servants in Germany until some time in the 1990s, I think. When that changed, it changed radically: now, instead of getting grumpy civil servants behind the counter, you have friendly people who sometimes try to sell more than what you asked for, such as bank accounts or insurance contracts... That can be a little annoying, but I much prefer the way they are today to the stuffy old ways.

  4. Looks like the ideal spot to sit and watch the world go by, I imagine it used to be a grand old post office too.

  5. Wonderful. Loving that sunshine too. Hope you had time to take plenty of photos today :).

  6. Great old building, always enjoy seeing this when I pass through the city centre.

  7. It really is a beautiful building. We just had a musical group from Leeds called "The Dunwells." They were amazing, I really liked their music. They spoke fondly of their home.


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