Friday, 11 January 2013

Old Pub in Richmond Hill

Old Pub LeedsPicture of former pub in Richmond Hill, Leeds. This pub the Fisherman's Hut public house looks to have been closed for some years. It was a dank and damp day when I passed it a few days back. I may be wrong but I think there has only been one day with no rain since the new year started. It has already rained a little first thing this morning. This was one of the reasons I posted some nice summer picture over the last few days. This pub is a short walk down from the Grade I listed church of St Saviour. There is another Anglican church St Hilda nearby which I will post about on another date. I attended a musical event at St Hilda last year and I took some photos of the stained glass windows therein. On the tiles above the corner of the pub building is the date 1929, so I guess that was when it was built. The only thing I know about this rather dilapidated former pub is that it was a Tetley's public house. This old pub is on the corner of Ellerby Lane and Cross Green Lane. It lies just across from the big newish Echo Central flats. I have only visited this area a few times and have not quite worked out where Richmond Hill starts and Cross Green finishes. one thing of note shortly after walking away from the pub I noticed a red kite flying high perhaps 50 yards ahead. I watched it for a few minuted till it flew off into the distance. I have seen these beautiful birds elsewhere around Leeds before but never this close to the city centre.


  1. Some people have interesting minds when it comes to dreaming up shapes for buildings. This on reminds me of a ocean liner steaming down on me.

  2. It's a shame that such a unique looking building has fallen into such a state of disrepair. Hope your weather improves, it's clear blue skies again over here today.

  3. This building looks like it could have been beautiful once, though there is something compelling in its current decay. I wonder if anyone will come repair it soon? That's a lovely bird from your link. Here's hoping for better weather soon too!

  4. Classic old pub, just love these buildings tho' they often look very sad these days. Unusual name too, impressive hut! Glad to hear the Red Kites are venturing into the city, they were a common site in London 3-4 hundred years ago

  5. It's an attractive structure. From what I've read about LEED-approved (ha!) buildings, it's more economical and better for the environment to rebuild old buildings than to build new ones. I hope that's what happens here.


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