Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunny Scarecrow

Sunny Scarecrow LeedsPicture of scarecrow on allotment in Leeds.

Following my short theme of sunny pictures here is another photo that I took last summer.

This is perhaps the least scary scarecrow that I have ever seen. I saw this scarcrow on some allotments in Calverley, Leeds. Whilst the scarecrow may not be scary it certainly fits in with sunny.


  1. That cheery yellow doesn't help the scariness factor either:) Very sweet fellow you've found (nice antidote to a grey day).

  2. This has to be one of the sweetest scarecrows I have seen. Ours is in terrible shape. Guess we will have to get q a new one come the planting season. This is one of those pictures that puts a smile on my face. genie

  3. Funny - When I saw it, I thought "That's the friendliest-looking scarecrow I've ever seen!" Guess we all agree. Very cute!

  4. What a darling! Looks a very productive allotment as well :)

  5. The friendliest looking scarecrow I ever did see!

  6. It may not be scary to us, but what about birds? :-) I wonder if scarecrows actually do deter birds from picking what garden-owners do not want to be picked.


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