Leeds City Museum, Millenium Square – Night

This is a night time view of the front of the Leeds City Museum building, located on Millenium Square in Leeds city centre.

This was the first time I got to try out my new heavy duty tripod and I am pleased with the results. The area marked out on the RH side in small blue lights is I think the outside area used by the cafe in the Leeds City Museum.

The Leeds City Museum overlooks the fine looking building that is the Leeds Civic Hall also on Millenium Square.

I featured a very similar day time photograph of the Leeds City Museum earlier on my Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo blog.



Temple Works – Holbeck, Leeds

Temple Works Leeds Holbeck
It does not look much in the photo but it was a dank and dull day when I took this photograph of the Temple Works main entrance at Holbeck, Leeds.

Temple Works is a former flax mill designed by Joseph Bonomi the Younger and built by John Marshall between 1836 and 1840 here in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Pillar Temple Works Leeds
Detail on Pillar at Temple Works Leeds can be seen in the above picture.

Temple Works also known as Temple Mill was based on the Temple of Edfu at Horus in Egypt with a chimney designed in the style of an obelisk. Marshall’s inspiration for the design of Temple Works was his interest in Egyptology. When it was built it was said that Temple Works was the biggest single room in the world.

During its heyday sheep used to graze on its grass covered roof that was designed to keep the humidity in the flax mill to stop the linen thread from drying out.

Temple Works is located in Holbeck which was a thriving centre of industry during the industrial revolution.

Today Temple Works is the only Grade I listed building in Holbeck and it is in great need of some serious restoration work. In December 2008 a pillar collapsed and a large chunk of millstone grit fell onto the pavement of Marshall Street. Hence the need for safety helmets when I got a chance to look around the interior of Temple Works in Holbeck recently. Part of Marshall Street Holbeck was blocked to traffic for quite a while while they propped up part of the roof as I noticed several times when I would try to go down this street in my car.