1704 Nunlow Steam Loco at KWVR

Steam Train Nunlow
Steam Train Nunlow

This image shows the 1704 Nunlow Steam Locomotive on the The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway ‘The Railway Children’ line near Oakworth Station.

Nunlow was built by Hudswell, Clarke and Company Limited an engineering and locomotive building company in Hunslet, Leeds in 1938. Hunslet, Leeds was a centre for engineering and locomotive construction from the time industrial revolution.

This steam train photograph is another taken by me at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway steam gala last week.






Warm Fire at Oakworth Station

This photo shows the nice coal fire keeping the ladies waiting room at Oakworth Station warm.

It is still quite cold here in Yorkshire and as I write this my fingers are cold and I really would like this fire in my flat.

As I wrote yesterday Oakworth Station here in Yorkshire was used in the making of the film The Railway Children and this year is its 40th anniversary. Today I learnt of the death yesterday of actor-director Lionel Jeffries who was 83. Lionel Jeffries directorial debut was his 1970 adaptation of E. Nesbitt’s classic The Railway Children, which starred Bernard Cribbins and launched the career of Jenny Agutter. Jenny Agutter was 17 when the film was made and her role of Roberta (Bobby) made her famous. The Railway Children was seen my countless families and made an impact on many people. This afternoon I spoke with a young woman (Roberta) here in Yorkshire, she was quite striking and I thought perhaps my photographer friend Lorne might be able to use her in a photo project he and I were discussing recently. Turns out Roberta was named by her mother after the Jenny Agutter role in the film.

In The Railway Children, Lionel Jeffries has left us with a marvelous monument to his life and work.

I had visited Oakworth on the keighley and Worth Valley railway to photograph some of the steam trains that are used on this volunteer run railway.

Ladies Waiting Room – Oakworth

This photo shows the ladies waiting room at Oakworth station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. The KWVR is today run by volunteers and is a marvel whereby the public can travel back in time on a railway with steam engines and lots of informative railway staff.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the cinema film The Railway Children and Oakworth station and indeed the whole KWVR feature in the film. I can still recall Perks shouting “Oakworth, Oakwoorrtthh” when a train pulled into the station. The actor Bernard Cribbens will always to me be Mr Perks the station porter in this marvelous film.

One of the things I like about my Leeds daily photo blog is that I can explore places that normally without my trusty Canon would be off limits. Todays post is one such place the ladies waiting room at Oakworth. It still has gas lighting and a working coal fire. When I entered there was a lady walker warming herself at the fireplace and I asked if she minded my intrusion and as you can see from the picture there was no problem.

As someone who travels on the modern railway often, I would really appreciate the old fashioned charm of this station rather than the cold charmless rooms available today.

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway – Steam Train

This photograph shows BR standard engine No 80002 on the KVWR track at Oakworth station seen during the Winter Steam Gala this weekend.

Whilst I am not a train spotter I can understand the romance of the era of the steam train and as a movie buff one of my favourite films is The Railway Children of 1970. This film is based on the book by E Nesbit from 1905.

I saw a screening of The Railway Children when Jenny Agutter came to the NMPFT (now National Media Museum) and talked about her film career, having been Roberta in the film.