Abbey House Museum – Kirkstall, Leeds

Abbey House Museum Nursery, Leeds
The nursery at the Abbey House Museum in Leeds.

The photo above shows one of the rooms in the Abbey House Museum, Kirkstall, Leeds this room is a recreation of a Victorian nursery of around 1880, I love the wheeled cow.

Abbey House Museum in Leeds
Abbey House Museum

The photograph above is a view of the Abbey House Museum, Kirkstall, Leeds in Yorkshire.

Abbey House was built as a gatehouse to Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds built by Cistercian monks who started building Kirkstall Abbey in 1152. The monks were given the land by Henry de lacy, a descendent of Ilbert de lacy who was given land around Kirkstall by William I, best known today as William the conqueror.

The gatehouse is the oldest part of Abbey House and today houses the cafe. In 1539 King Henry VIII disolved the monasteries, the monks were forced out of the abbey and it fell into ruin. The last abbot, John Ripley, made the gatehouse, Abbey House, his home until his death in 1568. From then on the house became a residence to notable Leeds families. In 1925 the house was sold to Leeds corporation, becoming a museum in 1927.

Over the next few days the Leeds photo daily will explore more of the Abbey House Museum, Leeds and also Kirkstall Abbey, both of these are around 3 miles from Leeds city centre along the A65.