Church of St Mark, Woodhouse, Leeds

Church of St. Marks in Leeds.
This is a picture of the church of Saint Mark, Woodhouse, here in Leeds.

I have visited this old Waterloo church several times in the last year, I have photographed the churchyard of the church of Saint Mark in snow and with wildflowers in late spring.

Time has not dealt this tall Victorian church a good hand in the game of life, despite the fact that the builders used fine materials and good workmanship. Today it is besieged by vandals and since I last visited something has happened to a large chunk of the front wall. I am not sure of the cause, people stealing the stone or perhaps a vehicle crashing into this section, either way it is not looking good.

On a brighter note, the Yorkshire Evening Post recently ran a story “The fight to save a landmark Leeds church which has links to the Battle of Waterloo has ended in victory after a grant of £171,000 was offered by English Heritage to repair it.” So perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel for this Grade II listed church.