Sheep in Churchyard – Rawdon, Leeds

This photograph shows something I have not seen in many years, sheep in a churchyard being used as a lawnmower. This was quite a common sight in the Cotswolds where I lived as a boy.

There were several sheep in the Rawdon churchyard, but I think they were camera shy running off when they saw me.

The church in the photograph is Saint Peter’s Church, Rawdon, Leeds.

Rawdon is a village in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Saint Peter’s is the parish church, built in the 17th century by Francis Layton of Layton Hall and enlarged in 1864.

This is the 250th post on my Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo blog. When I first started this blog I would never think of asking someone to pose for me to photograph them so the early pictures were mostly buildings. Today I asked someone to pose for this blog, gave them my card to which they said “cool”.