Nicola Adams Gold Post Boxes

Picture of golden postbox in honour of Olympic champion Nicola Adams in Leeds.

The city of Leeds had two Olympic champions at the London games of 2012 triathlete Alistair Brownlee and boxer Nicola Adams. The Royal Mail decided to celebrate team GB wins by painting some of our iconic post poxes gold in their home towns.

Alistair Brownlee has a golden postbox in Leeds and Nicola Adams the winner of the first Olympic gold medal for a woman at boxing now has her very own gold post box in Leeds city centre.

The Royal Mail chose a post box for Nicola on Cookridge Street but if someone was looking for it I would say it was on The Headrow right next to the Henry Moore Institute and opposite the Radisson hotel, these being better known places.

I am not sure why the Royal picked this post box, it is a double post box and they also painted gold the less common franked mail post box that stands adjacent too. Each Olympic champion had a post box painted gold by the Royal Mail and also a postage stamp featuring them too.

The Hull boxer Luke Campbell got a hat trick with stamp, post box and also a telephone box too, this being due to the city having for historical reasons a different phone company run locally and decided to celebrate too.

Another athlete Laura Trott has 2 golden post boxes in separate towns, this being due to a mix up. When Laura made known her disappointment that the town she was born in (Harlow) got the post box rather than the town that she considers home Cheshunt Royal Mail painted one there too.

Gold Postbox Alistair Brownlee

Gold postbox at Horsforth Alastair Brownlee

Alistair Brownlee Olympic PostboxPicture golden postbox at Horsforth, Leeds.

Royal Mail decided to honour each Olympic gold medal winner by painting gold a post box near their home. Each British Olympic winner will have their very own gold post box and also will feature on a postage stamp too.

This post box is at New Road Side in Horsforth, Leeds and it was painted gold yesterday to celebrate the Olympic Gold medal won by Alistair Brownlee.

Shortly after I took the above photo several people were having their photo taken next to the golden post box. Royal mail post boxes have been their distinctive pillar box red since 1874 when the first new post boxes were painted that colour, but it took around 10 years to repaint the earlier ones.

Since I wrote this Nicola Adams from Leeds has won Gold! Nicola boxed and beat Chinese boxer and world number one Ren Cancan at the Olympics and has sealed her place in history winning the first womens Olympic gold medal for boxing. The gold win by Nicola takes the Yorkshire tally at this Olympics to 5 gold medal champions.