How to Plan a Tea Party Bridal Shower | Bridal Tea Ideas

There is no doubt that planning a wedding is exciting and stressful for the bride, but it is also a very exciting time for all of the bridal party: a maid of honor, a bridesmaid or a mom of a soon-to-be-Mrs. As all of the little details come to their places, all of the bridesmaids have their gorgeous gowns and the dress for the elegant bride’s mother is ready for a final fitting, it is time to have some fun and organize a little party for your favorite bride. If you’ve got a bride that is the girliest of girly girls, and loves all things posh, then you might want to know how to host a tea party themed bridal shower. This is a very feminine event, it’s all about delicious tea, tiny cakes, sandwiches with no crust and all things dainty.

A classic tea party is a wonderful idea for a bridal shower. It never goes out of style, and it is ideally suited to a small gathering of friends or family, socializing together over cocktails, tea, and snacks. There are a couple of ways that you can do this type of shower – in your home, or you can go out. High tea is served at many hotels nowadays, so look around some of the nicer hotels in the area see if they are offering that. A lot of cities actually have tea houses as well, and you can take all the girls with you and not worry a thing about decorations or anything, it’s all taken care of for you.bridal tea etiquette


If you want to create that type of environment in your home, the keyword to keep in mind is – feminine. Tea party bridal shower can be full of girly touches, such as bow-shaped napkins, floral china, glasses of champagne and pink macarons. You want to use lots and lots of flowers, get a variety of teas and a beautiful tea set.

An interesting addition to your tea party might be a blooming tea pot. Blooming tea, or otherwise known as flowering tea, is the combination of green tea leaves and certain flowers. One or more dried flowers are wrapped in bundles of dried tea leaves formed into a bulb shape then set for drying. Other than its unique and refreshing taste, its aesthetic is truly remarkable. Placed in a clear glass tea pot, the bulb, once put in boiling water, expands and unfurls into something like a blooming flower.


Of course, a proper tea party also requires lovely tableware, such as tiered cake stands for all your nibbles, vintage china teacups and saucers, dainty condiment bowls for jam and butter, lace tablecloths, and centerpieces in form of vintage flower vases.

An out-of-the-box twist on tea party theme, if you want to have a little fun with it, would be to go Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter’s tea party route. This means no delicate flowers, but rather bright colors, odd shapes, and just all the quirky decorations going with the theme.


The food is usually very delicate. It is typically made up of tea, various sweets and various “savories” (savory/salty foods). Sweets like scones are popular for full tea, as are other foods like Madeleines and Battenburg cakes. A favorite cost-effective idea: deviled eggs, just the way they served them at cocktail parties in the 1950s. Of course, it’s your party, so you can put your own twist to it, like kicking it off the celebration with champagne and mimosas.

Bridal shower tea party invitations

For a pinkies-up bridal shower brunch with tea sandwiches and champagne, invitations in classic calligraphy and romantic floral motifs are called for. Keep the wording short, sweet and informative, and your font cute and girly.

Tea party hats for bridal shower

Tea parties are a fun time to dress up, so embrace the chance to wear your Sunday best. Patterns, especially florals, are popular, but stay away from all-black looks. For a sweet, classic look pair a skirt with a sweater set. Accessorizing for a tea party means wearing a fun hat. If you’ve ever hoped for an opportunity to wear a big floppy hat, now’s the time! It’s very common to wear hats that are adorned with flowers. If you are not into flowers, there are plenty of great tea party hats that don’t involve a single flower.  Instead, things like ribbon, silk, feathers, and even pearl adornments are used to make these hats more noticeable.

Bridal shower tea party is romantic, refined and it doesn’t have to be just about showering the bride-to-be with gifts. It can also be a relaxed party the mother of the bride or someone close hosts to spend time discussing the upcoming wedding. There is no strict rules, so you can’t go wrong if you make it your own.